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Mrs. Arpita Banerjee

(M.Sc. Chemistry, M.Ed.)

She being passionate about teaching is actively in teaching, holding motivational lectures and monitoring the performance of each and every student. The other faculties consists of a team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers possessing qualification not less than B.Tech/ Post Graduate/ M.Tech. Besides the team, the institute also invites subject specialists, renowned guest lectures and time management experts from time to time.


Name Qualification
Balvinder Kaur Bedi M.Phil (Physics)
Saranjit Kaur M.Phil (Chemistry)
Shweta Mukesh Muthiyan M Tech (E&T)
Manju Muraleedharan Nair M Tech (ENTC)
Swati Arun Borse M.Sc (Biotechnology)
Simta M.Sc. MEd (Maths)
Name Qualification
Shweta Mehrotra Dargan M.Sc (Microbial Tech)
Rachel Aginello Dias M.Sc (Zoology)
Jyoti Govindrao Suryawanshi BE (CSE)
Onkar Bhardwaj BE (E&T)
Sonal Swapnil Patil BE (ENTC)