Many parents view a class room course as the best option for coaching their children – the children attend classes, take tests and do homework regularly, with teachers to supervise them; hence this is a recipe for student success! This recipe may work for improving student marks in a normal exam like 12th board, but it will not work for a competitive exam like IIT JEE for the following reason.

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A classroom course or a regular school has a report card, and occasional parent teacher meetings to update the parent on how their child is doing. For us, the medium of communication is online. As a parent, you should login to the site at least once a month to see how your child has done in the assignments and tests.
If your child has done well, appreciate and encourage them. If you think they need to improve, understand more about their study habits - their interest level, the amount of effort, whether they can explain what they have studied; taking into account their intrinsic capabilities. In case you have some significant feedback for us, please send us an email

Our teachers conduct Daily Revision of previous lectures; Concept clearing sessions in each subject are also conducted which equip students with all possible tips, tricks and short-cut-methods to crack the competitive examinations. Student to Teacher ratio is around 20:1.

Proper classroom attendance records of students are maintained and monitored. Any student absenting himself/herself from classes for more than one week without prior information is called at by the centre counselor or manager. The institute is very strict for maintaining proper discipline in the institute. Also, students absenting themselves from Class Tests are reprimanded. Careless attitude towards classroom and test attendance can lead to termination or cancellation of admission of the student by the centre authorities.

The medium of instruction is English along with the use of Hindi at times to make a concept clear in a student’s mind. However, the study packages are available in English only.

Yes, PTMs are an integral part of our education delivery and feedback system. We frequently invite parents to meet with their ward’s respective teachers to understand their performance closely. This is also an opportunity for arpita classes to get in touch with the parents and motivate them to help arpita classes and its students achieve the common goal. This is also one of the advantages, wherein parents can meet the teachers and teachers hold themselves responsible for mentoring weak students and sharpening bright students.

Because this is only a one-year program, students are encouraged to invest the year and delve into the program full-time.

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